A Tuesday Morning Metaphor

A self aware person who knows the value of his or her societal contribution does not see and does not need fashion as a game.

We all know that clothes and models look beautiful in pictures, and our psychological threshold is saturated with a lot of marketing material, but no product can lie about our extra pounds, nor can it hasten or hold back our age. Truly, only what fits is appropriate. Everyone should strive to be themselves and work on becoming who they want to be. Just be! I have run my own races and written my own marketing materials. But it is certain that a person is not beautiful because of their clothes.

The game is a bad thing because it lies. I like to emphasize and experience it positively that truly everyone is mostly only interested in their own life. This is how things should be, and it's liberating to acknowledge this. Nowadays, we use relationships as a point of reference and show solidarity downwards because it makes us feel better. We work hard for status symbols because we want to outshine and impress our peers. Many things can be done, but what is the point?

The game only truly deceives us. It only takes a drop of intuition to sense anyone’s ill-fitting things, whether it’s cheap flattery or staged life experiences. Whoever believes in such things does so out of their own choice. I can choose to believe what someone who knows what I want to hear says.

A woman cannot be truly elegant just by wearing a beautiful dress at a weekend event. I have a favorite poetic image of an appearance that inspires respect. I call it the Tuesday morning metaphor. This does not lie. The way you look and live on a rough, ordinary Tuesday morning is who you truly are. The rest is a cheap game, with the role of deceiving others and ourselves. It's an unprofitable investment of the precious time. 

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