Tales From A Soul Untamed

A substantial amount of content primarily results in two things: quality and indifference. Rightfully so. The context and expectations need to be skillfully articulated, and then both make sense.

This forum is about publicness, and this is more important to me than how difficult it is because if a person says or writes something, they should stand by it. This is the context, the assumed, hoped-for quality. The need for readership is another matter. As for reasonable expectations, briefly, this forum is a publicly assumed personal diary. From me to myself. Everyone needs something like this.

Articulating and digesting honest everyday life is a meaningful experience. And this is where the understandable general indifference of people overwhelmed by a lot of low-quality content makes sense. Because in this context, we can all be honest with ourselves, even publicly, without the threat of serious readership.

Some things don't change. For example, the compulsory options of societal structures. The content changes with generations, but the nature remains the same. There are things that must be done for some reason, and that's that! By now, no one knows why. Just that there are things that must be done. Simple, isn't it? A beautifully strange anomaly. Because we all think we are choosing freely. But from what? This forum is my personal experience of choosing from whatever there is.

The luxury of this freedom can truly be afforded by very few. It has a very serious price. Because when the well-worn comfortable illusion is gone, one remains free of many misconceptions, a significant nobody. To finally be who they are. An individual. Finally, perhaps valuable. With all the assumed responsibilities that come with it.

Most decisions are made based on what we would like others to experience in relation to us. The funny thing is, we really don't have the capacity to pay attention to each other's compulsive status symbols, which are supposed to make our lives better and instead cripple them.

Isn't it a liberating thought that since nobody cares about anything anymore, we could just simply be free? We truly have nothing to lose.

"If we only wanted to be happy, it would be easy; but we want to be happier than others, and this is almost always difficult, because we think others are happier than they really are."

~ Montesquieu ~


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